Our Story

One-of-a-kind dining

Inspired by Latin heritage and influenced by local Southern ingredients, we’ve crafted a beautifully eclectic experience. Seviche celebrates an innovative yet natural marriage of cultures and cuisines.

Our Story

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Fresh from the start

Since making a splash in Louisville in 2005, Seviche has showcased the freshest seafood and local artisan ingredients. When we opened our doors, we opened the city’s eyes to something new, and we haven’t slowed down. Chef Anthony Lamas keeps our seasonally-changing menu fresh with bold and bright flavors that transport and comfort at the same time.

“If you have time for one meal in Louisville, make it Seviche.” – John Mariani, Esquire

Over the years, Seviche has become a staple on the restaurant scene. In a landscape of new, trendy spots, we have built a dining experience that guests come back to again and again. Our deep menu and focus on innovative plating ensures every night at Seviche becomes a memory just as exciting as the last.


The Man Behind the Menu

Chef Anthony Lamas has put Louisville on the culinary map with Seviche. With insatiable creativity, Chef Lamas brings years of stories and experiences into an innovative, contemporary dining experience.

Meet the chef